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Stream Choir’s Playlists – a New Tradition

It's safe to say that the creation of music streaming services has definitely enhanced the way we listen to music today. Before streaming, if you wanted to listen to music you either had to purchase the music via download to play on your phone or computer, buy a physical recording to play at home on your own  CD player (or for those who remember, a record player or a tpae deck) or you could listen to the radio and just hope you would hear your favorite songs.

How do you find what you want to listen to with so many choices? Digital music streaming provides every listener access to all of the music they love—but it can sometimes be so overwhelming!

What Are “Playlists”?

Playlists have become important as people look for ways to organize their music streaming choices. What are playlists? A playlist is simply an audio or video list of songs that can either be played sequentially or shuffled for variety. Playlists created by the music artists or even personally by each listener are the convenient way to find your favorite artists, type of music, or even specific songs when you want them.

The Tabernacle Choir Playlists

With a “digital first” emphasis, The Tabernacle Choir is now creating Choir music playlists for your listening pleasure. On the first of each month on the Choir’s Spotify channel you'll find a new playlist. It is the newest Choir tradition! Each new playlist has been specially selected by Mack Wilberg, music director of The Tabernacle Choir and will include music to fit the designated theme for each month. The same selected playlists will also be available on the Choir’s YouTube channel playlists.

To learn more about accessing Spotify’s free and/or premium service on your phones, computers, or other digital devices, check here. On Spotify remember to click on the “heart” button to save it to your account’s library so it will be easy to find. When you click on the three dots, you’ll find the “Share” icon to share it with your family and friends via social media or e-mail or text.

Each Month’s Playlist Will Be Different

Music of The Tabernacle Choir is enjoyed by listeners around the world for many reasons. Not only is choir music an uplifting experience, but many listeners have indicated it is their favorite background music for a variety of activities or tasks each day. Watch each month for the new playlist that will focus on different music themes or genres to enrich your listening and provide a wide range of music that can be enjoyed any way you choose.

February’s playlist,  "Best of The Tabernacle Choir,” featured fifteen of the most requested songs of The Tabernacle Choir all in one place.  You’ll be able to find “How Great Thou Art,” “Consider the Lilies,” “Battle Hymn of the Republic,” “I Believe in Christ,” “How Firm a Foundation,” and many others that are favorites.

The March playlist, "Meditate With The Tabernacle Choir," will be calm and relaxing songs from The Tabernacle Choir for contemplation and meditation.  In April, there will be a special playlist for Easter music. Watch for coming playlists at the first of each month.

Will the Playlists Be Announced?

You can follow the Choir on Instagram (www.Instagram.com/TheTabernacleChoir), Facebook (www.Facebook.com/TheTabernacleChoir), and Twitter (www.Twitter.com/TheTabChoir) to learn more about each playlist that will be posted to our Spotify and YouTube accounts.

Where Can I Learn More About Streaming?

If you are streaming beginner you won’t want to miss this helpful information about streaming—how to start, where to start—with answers to guide you to free and premium streaming services available. Read “Choir Music Streaming for Beginners” now!