The Tabernacle Choir Blog

Swooning our notes

Thursday evening the Choir got an up close and personal opportunity with our guest artist, James Taylor as the Utah Symphony was getting ready for rehearsal.

Given the clearance to take photos, a host of smart phones were whipped out and pictures and videos were taken while James Taylor shared a few thoughts about this weekend. He mentioned his dear friend and photographer, Russ Peterson, getting the ball rolling. And John Williams, our friend from the 2002 Olympics, who sealed the deal when he said this was one experience JT wouldn’t want to miss. "So let’s get this going", JT said as the choir gave him yet another standing ovation. Trent, one of our sound engineers, had to remind us to stop clapping because JT had us in his ears and we were going to cause permanent damage.

A first for us was having Mack Wilberg tell us to sing with a little more slurring or dipping or swooning of our notes. We LOVED it! Maybe too much—Mack had to tell us we needed to stop swaying to the music, “the music speaks for itself”! It’s true….360 singers movin’ and shakin’ could cause a little motion sickness. 

For me, the signature JT/MTC collaboration is Lonesome Road. The message and music is so heartfelt. After our run through, JT said there wasn't anywhere else for this piece to go—it had arrived. His pianist raised his hat in salute, then turned and wiped away a tear or two. 

The opportunity to collaborate with the great musical artists of the world is life-changing. We weave a musical tapestry each time we perform with these musicians. We look forward to sharing the James Taylor tapestry this weekend as we shed a little love through our 30th anniversary Tanner Gift of Music concerts!

As a former president of our organization always said…."we are blessed!" Indeed we are.

Carol Salmon