The Tabernacle Choir Blog

Taking a Step Back on the Ice

Even though the Choir organization has been cautiously moving forward with pandemic precautions one step at a time, it has become necessary to take a step back “on the ice” as the current surge in COVID cases continues to set new records each day. (See “The Tabernacle Choir ‘Walking on Ice’” for details.) After careful consideration of advice from state health care officials, the Choir’s medical team, and creative and administrative leaders, The Tabernacle Choir presidency has temporarily paused all of The Tabernacle Choir, Orchestra at Temple Square, and Bells at Temple Square rehearsals and live performances through the end of January.

When members of The Tabernacle Choir organization resumed in-person rehearsals last September, Michael Leavitt, president of the Choir, used the analogy of “walking on ice” to explain how the resumption would work. When a person wants to cross a newly frozen lake, you “pause to assess if the thickness of the ice will hold your weight,” President Leavitt explained. “You take a few careful steps, pausing to listen for cracking sounds, knowing you can step back to safety is necessary. You repeat the process until your full confidence has been gained, mindful that you must choose carefully.” The current surge in COVID cases represents hearing “cracking sounds” necessitating the “step back to safety.”

The Choir organization is waiting with hopeful anticipation for when it can move forward taking each step carefully “on the ice,” with protocols in place, to be together again—safely. It is hoped that the current surge will soon peak and this pause will be of short duration.

Until then, The Tabernacle Choir will continue to use its large library to reach audiences with uplifting, encouraging, and heartfelt music that has the power to touch hearts, calm fears, and bring individuals closer to the divine. Continue to stream the Music & the Spoken Word program each week, now in its 93rd year, and find your favorite Choir music playlists on the Choir’s YouTube Channel, Spotify, and other streaming channels.