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Tabernacle Organist Richard Elliott Performs "The Cuckoo"

Louis Claude-Daquin was born in Paris, France, in 1694 and was an organ and harpsichord prodigy. By age six, he performed in the court of King Louis XIV and became the organist at Saint-Chapelle by age twelve.

Claude-Daquin composed “The Cuckoo” (Le coucou), which was one of his most notable pieces, and was included in his 1735 harpsichord suite, Pièces de clavecin, Troisième Livre. Claude-Daquin was a brilliant organist and attracted large crowds for his performances.

Tabernacle organist, Richard Elliott, has also been known to dazzle large audiences at the organ with his fancy footwork and quick fingers. Elliott wants to do away with any negative stereotypes that the organ may have and once said, “A lot of people associate the organ with Halloween or with funerals. People tend to think that it always has a very slow or somber sound.” Elliott proves the naysayers wrong with the fast-paced organ solo, “The Cuckoo.” Watch: