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The pipe organs of the Salt Lake Tabernacle and the Conference Center on Temple Square in Salt Lake City are two of the most recognized instruments in the world today. These organs are seen and heard on the Mormon Tabernacle Choir’s weekly television, radio, and Internet live-streamed broadcast of Music & the Spoken Word, annual public television Christmas specials, daily Temple Square recitals, along with numerous recordings, concerts, and conferences.

Many may not be aware that there are several other pipe organs of quality on Temple Square in addition to these two famous instruments. All of these organs see a great deal of use by the five Tabernacle and Temple Square organists, the volunteer roster of guest organists, and by visiting professional organists. All these organs represent a broad range of organ building styles and tonal philosophies, and that variety benefits those who play and hear the instruments. The organs range from the demonstration organ with only 54 pipes to the Tabernacle organ with 11,623 pipes. If you total up the number of pipes from all of the organs on Temple Square, you get 27,048 pipes. That is a lot of tuning for the two full-time organ technicians employed on Temple Square!

 The Organs and Organists on Temple Square web pages have been updated for  those who would like to know more about the organs generally with additional information for the organ enthusiasts who would like to know more specific  details about the organs.

Please check out the following web pages:

Temple Square Organs: Information and History

  • Find new photographs, history, and information about all of the Temple Square organs.

Organ Recitals on Temple Square

  • Learn how you can attend a free organ recital given daily on Temple Square. (In the summer there are two every day except Sunday!)

Videos of Organ Performances

  • View and enjoy videos of past organ performances.

Organ Recordings and Books

  • Find organ recordings and books to purchase.


  • Get to know the five very talented Tabernacle and Temple Square organists.

Organ Related Articles

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