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Former Missionary Shares His Role in Broadcasting Music & the Spoken Word to Vancouver During the 1950s

K. Clark Mitchell was a missionary in Western Canada during the early part of the 1950s. In the final three months of his mission service he was charged with working with a local radio station to broadcast versions of Music & the Spoken Word to the Vancouver area.

With much detail, Mitchell recounted the experience in a recent Deseret News article. An excerpt is below:

During those last three months, I found myself nervously facing the microphone and struggling to do justice to the wonderful and inspirational talks of our great Elder Richard L. Evans and loving every single minute of it. I was able to closely connect and identify with Elder Evans as a result of reading his talks over and over before the broadcast to try to get them right.
… Those were experiences never to be forgotten as I had the privilege of weekly hearing the sacred opening hymn, "Gently Raise the Sacred Strain for the Sabbath's Come Again," and our beautiful "God Be with You 'til We Meet Again," while I (quite unbelievably as I think back on it today) heard myself saying those wonderful and traditional words: "Again we leave you within the shadows of the Everlasting Hills. May peace be with you this day and always …. Yes, I have had a short and sweet relationship with our most wonderful Mormon Tabernacle Choir. I will always treasure it and never forget it.