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Watch Choir’s Newest Music Video Angels among Us with Kristin Chenoweth

Who are the angels in your life? 

Just released for the 2019 Christmas season, The Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square’s newest music video, “Angels among Us,” features superstar entertainer Kristin Chenoweth. The video celebrates the angels in each of our lives who embody year-round the true spirit of Christmas with gifts of kindness, service, forgiveness and love.

Grammy-nominated songwriter Don Goodman and country singer Becky Hobbs wrote "Angels among Us" for the popular country band Alabama, who recorded it on their 1993 Cheap Seats album. Though it is generally not thought of as a Christmas song, “Angels among Us” was performed at the  2018 Christmas concert with the Choir and Orchestra. Of its inclusion in the program, Kristin Chenoweth told the Deseret News, “I didn’t know this song. They brought it to me, and I was like, ‘I’m not really getting that.’ I went over it on my own at home on my piano and then I started looking at the words...This is going to be my song now. Like I love it. I’m gonna sing it this Christmas again at a Christmas concert. I love it. I love the message. Then it became the title of the CD and DVD which I think is something that we all need. In the times we live in right now, it’s really great to have hope and see the good in people.”

In the concert, the song was performed by Chenoweth in front of a backdrop of images that focused on selfless service and generosity, honoring the unsung heroes whose angel-like service embodies the true spirit of Christmas. As Chenoweth said in her introduction to the song, “They are the healers, defenders, protectors, teachers, volunteers, activists, and caregivers who, through their devoted acts of service and kindness, help support and guide us through both difficult and good times in our lives.”

This new video by the Choir and Orchestra has been further enhanced with additional scenes of service and kindness matching the moving lyrics of the song.  This video now takes its place among the roster of moving Choir videos done each Christmas season for the last six years.

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