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Watch David Archuleta’s Video for “Glorious,” from Meet The Mormons

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Most Mormon Tabernacle Choir fans are familiar with David Archuleta, guest artist from the Choir's 2010 Christmas concerts. He performed to capacity crowds of over 21,000 people a night. The video of the concert is enormously popular on YouTube where it has amassed over 750,000 views. Now David is making news again thanks in part to a song he performed for the new Meet The Mormons film.

Archuleta is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and has recently returned from a two-year Church mission to Chile. While there, he had the opportunity to record the song “Glorious,” written by Stephanie Mabey, which was originally released on her album Wake Up Dreaming. Speaking about the song in a recent interview, Archuleta said, “It’s a beautiful message, I listened to it as a missionary. I think it’s a favorite among a lot of youth and a lot of missionaries who are allowed to listen to EFY (Especially For Youth) music.” Archuleta was referring to a previous release of “Glorious,” which appeared on the album EFY 2012: Arise and Shine Forth.

Archuleta related the story of how the recording of “Glorious” came about saying, “I was actually still on my mission when they had asked me if I could record it, and with the schedule they had at that time, they weren’t expecting to release it nationally as they are doing now. For the plans the film producers had at the time, they needed it sooner, so I was still a missionary and they asked, through the Church, if I could record the song.”

While out serving, Archuleta received a call from his mission president, who thought it was a good missionary opportunity to record the song for the film. When the plans grew to include releasing the song on the radio, Archuleta recalled saying, “If it’s going to be released that way I need to re-record it, because when I recorded it the first time I had a Spanish accent and couldn’t pronounce the words very well. I was singing hymns all the time so my voice hadn’t gotten adjusted to pop.”

Watch the new video (above) and click here to download the FREE single "Glorious," from David Archuleta, featured in Meet the Mormons (exclusively in theaters October 10).

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