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How to Watch the Mormon Tabernacle Choir in HD

What is HD?

Let’s assume that everyone is the world doesn’t know what HD stands for. For those who do, you can skip this paragraph. HD simply stands for high definition, sometimes abbreviated as Hi-Def. It refers to a digital television, computer, tablet or mobile screen that has a clear, sharp image and a wide screen format.

What is a Digital Media Player?

To watch HD, you will need some type of set-top box that is required to streams shows and movies to your TV or projector. This would be your digital media player, which allows users to connect to a home network and stream digital media through the use of a remote control, mobile device or voice activation.

The Case for HD

Without getting too technical, HD gives you 5-10 times the amount of resolution as a traditional analog screen television. There are many more pixels (small elements that together make an image) on an HD screen than a traditional analog screen so the image is sharper and the experience is much more realistic.

How Can I Watch the Choir in HD?

Each Sunday, the Choir’s weekly broadcast of Music & the Spoken Word is streamed live on our YouTube channel. Make sure to tune in Sunday’s at 9:30 a.m. Mountain Time. There are many ways to watch the Choir in HD and the list keeps growing. At the time of this publishing, here are some of the popular options for watching on or YouTube.

Apple TV


Google Play


Sony Playstation 3

Nintendo Wii


Amazon Fire

Helpful hint: When you click on a YouTube video, it defaults to the lowest quality because of connection speed and player size. You can change this manually by clicking the cog wheel and selecting the highest quality option (See image below). You can also permanantly change the settings on your YouTube channel by going into your settings, then clicking 'Playback,' and selecting "Always choose the best quality for my connection and player size."

In addition to weekly broadcasts of Music & the Spoken Word, the Choir streams the annual summer Pioneer Day concert live. Here is an example of what you can enjoy live from the device and digital media player of your choice.

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