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Welcome Back! The Choir’s Return to Temple Square

The Tabernacle Choir organization is thrilled to announce the schedule for their return to Temple Square of daily organ recitals, weekly Choir and Bell ensemble rehearsals and Music & the Spoken Word broadcasts. For over 150 years the Salt Lake Tabernacle and since 2000 the Conference Center have been the Temple Square locations for live events for music lovers and visitors from around the world. In March 2020, the pandemic temporarily halted all events on Temple Square and events everywhere in the world. 

Members of The Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square have been waiting with hopeful anticipation for the time when they would again be able to return to perform together. As musicians, they each strive to express their faith through their performances to help people feel closer to the divine and celebrate God’s love for all His children everywhere. 

Daily Organ Recitals on Temple Square:

The daily organ recitals, a century-long tradition, will resume on Monday, July 19, and will be open to the public in the Tabernacle (Mon-Sat at 12 p.m. MT; and Sun at 2 p.m. MT).  The new Temple Square organ tradition Piping Up! Organ Concerts on Temple Square stream will continue to stream every Wednesday at 12:00 noon on The Tabernacle Choir’s YouTube, Facebook, Website home page, and on

Phased Opening of Choir, Orchestra, and Bells Events

The Tabernacle Choir will begin rehearsals at the end of August; Bells at Temple Square a week later. All rehearsals and broadcasts)will be closed to the public until the second week in October.

Rehearsals and Broadcasts Begin (Closed to the Public)

8/26 (Th)


Rehearsals on Thursday nights

9/1 (W)


Rehearsals on Wednesdays nights

9/19 (Su)


First live broadcast of Music & the Spoken Word

10/2-3 (Sa, Su)


Choir will sing at 3 sessions of general conference

Rehearsals and Broadcasts (Open to the Public)

10/6 (W)


Wednesday night rehearsals will open to the public

10/7 (Th)


Thursday night rehearsals will open to the public

10/10 (Su)


Music & Spoken Word broadcasts will open to the public


Christmas 2021

The Choir is hopeful that a live Christmas concert can be presented in the Conference Center in December 2021. Arrangements are still pending and with a successful outcome details will be confirmed at a later date. 

The PBS and BYUtv Christmas with The Tabernacle Choir TV special is well underway and audiences will be extremely pleased with this year’s new broadcast and new CD, DVD, and book products that will be offered at Christmas this year. Watch for more detailed announcements in mid-September.