The Tabernacle Choir Blog

Welcoming back old friends

What a wonderful time I had this morning as I renewed my friendship with several of the King Singers and met the newer singers I had yet to experience. Each of them were very genuinely pleased to see me as well. Most of the morning was kind of a rush as per normal and yet I was able to experience their joy and love of music. The three newer singers that had not been with the choir before were absolutely carried away in the moment, singing in front of the choir and being in that wonderful space we call the conference center, I watched as the more experienced singers had kind of the expression on their faces that suggested a “I told you that you would be very surprised by how you feel in front of that magnificent Tabernacle Choir”, look.  

As we walked off the stage after the broadcast the ear to ear smile on each of their six faces said it all: I have been to a place where I am loved and where music loves to be expressed in its true meaning.  Alex Morris.