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New Christmas Music Video Depicts Jesus Christ’s Parables from Luke 15 

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir’s new music video is full of references to the parables of Jesus found in Luke chapter 15. Watch the video and see how many references to Luke chapter 15 you can spot before looking at the answers below the video.

Parable References

The Lost Sheep—In the opening scene a truck driver picks up the “lost sheep” in a truck that says “Ninety and Nine Ranch” on the door. Luke 15:4 (appears at 0:18 and 0:25 in the video).

Another lost sheep reference is seen in the diner when a little girl leaves her sheep on the table and it is returned to her by the character playing the lost sheep. Luke 15:4 (appears at 1:32 in the video).

10 Pieces of Silver—The family pulls up to a food bank called “10 Coin Food Bank,” which represents the 10 pieces of silver. Luke 15: 8 (appears at :37 in the video). This represents generosity to those less fortunate. When we have the abundance of “finding” the tenth coin we should rejoice by sharing with those in need.

The Lost Coin—At the 1:50 mark in the video the prodigal son loses one of his 10 coins, representing the lost piece of silver or “lost coin” as read in Luke 15:9.

“Bread Enough” Diner—In Luke 15:17, when the prodigal son has reached rock bottom, he remembers that those who serve his father have “bread enough,” and he is humbled to the point that he is willing to return home and become his father’s servant. At 1:13 in the video, the prodigal son looks at a menu that reads “Bread Enough Diner.”

The Brother’s Inheritance—A slice of pie in the diner represents the prodigal son’s portion of his inheritance (occurring at 1:25 in the video). Later, the father of the “good son” uses two-thirds of a pie to explain that he still has his portion: “Thou art ever with me, and all that I have is thine.” Luke 15:12, 31 (this occurs at 3:22 in the video).

“Two Sons"—The truck that drops off the prodigal son says “Two Sons Home Restoration.” In Luke 15:11 we read, “A certain man had two sons.” In this instance, “home restoration” has special significance to the story (this scene occurs at 2:14 in the video).

What Shall We Give?” Music Video References (Video Below)

The girl in the lamb hat is the same girl, wearing the same hat, as in 2013’s “What Shall We Give?” (She appears at 0:45 and 2:47 in “The Wexford Carol” and at 4:36 in “What Shall We Give?”)

The woman from “The Wexford Carol” appears at 0:44, 2:06, 2:44, and 3:02 and appears in “What Shall We Give?” at 4:22.

The father of the prodigal and "good son" (apprearing at 2:21, 2:35, and 3:22) is the same father who appears at the end of "What Shall We Give?" and reads the Christmas story from the Bible. (He appears in "What Shall We Give? at 4:25.)

The prodigal son/lost sheep character, who is featured throughout “The Wexford Carol” video, also appears in “What Shall We Give?” at 1:28, 3:36, and 4:16.

The “good son” in “The Wexford Carol” who brings his family to the food bank is also featured in “What Shall We Give?” at 0:21, 3:25, and 4:18. 

“Infant Holy, Infant Lowly” Music Video References (Video Below)

Actor—The actor who portrayed the “good son” is also featured as the prison guard in the Choir’s 2015 Christmas video “Infant Holy, Infant Lowly” starting at 1:28 in the video.

Symbol—In "The Wexford Carol" the main character hands a sheep figurine to a little girl in a diner (occurs at 1:35 in the video). This is similar to the hand off of a baby Jesus figurine in the "Infant Holy, Infant Lowly" video by the main character to a new prisoner (occurs at 2:31 in the video).

“The Wexford Carol” is a song arranged by Choir director Mack Wilberg, which appears on the Choir’s latest album, Hallelujah! featuring Laura Osnes and Martin Jarvis. Listen to and buy the album on our shop page.