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May 2015 Articles

A Bit of New York Music History

New York City—The history of Music in New York is a rich and vibrant one. Some of the earliest music came from the Dutch colony of New Amsterdam in New York City in the 1600s, and included songs such as the Dutch "Prayer of Thanksgiving” and “The Little Dustman.” By the mid 1700s, the first concerts were held in New York City, and with the arrival of composer William Tuckey from England, church music was established in the area. Tuckey was the first person to debut Handel’s Messiah in America in 1770. (It’s worth noting that the Mormon Tabernacle Choir will release its highly anticipated album of the complete Handel’s Messiah in early 2016.)

Alex Boyé Receives Prestigious Governor’s Mansion Artist Award

Alex Boyé is everywhere! In addition to being a YouTube mega-star, he will be joining the Mormon Tabernacle Choir on this summer’s Atlantic Coast Tour. His recent YouTube video for "Uptown Funk" was featured on numerous media channels including BuzzfeedTIME, New York’s Daily NewsHuffington Post, and more. This past week, Boyé was awarded the Utah Governor’s Mansion Artist Award in performing arts. We congratulate Alex for this amazing achievement!

Bells Will Be Ringing in June 12 Concert

“Joyfully Ring” says it all.  The Bells on Temple Square will be celebrating its 10thanniversary at its concert in the Salt Lake Tabernacle on June 12 at 7:30 pm.  The one-evening performance will recognize the formation of the ensemble in 2005 and will include thirteen of the original charter members who are still ringing ten years later. LeAnna Willmore, who has been with the Bells since its beginning—first as associate conductor and then as conductor since 2011—will direct the choir. Larry Smith, associate conductor, will also lead the ensemble.

What Type of Songs Does the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Perform on Tour?

When the Mormon Tabernacle Choir hits the road, it’s a BIG deal! To move the Choir, Orchestra, and their equipment from place to place, it takes 11 buses, 3 airplanes, and 4 trucks. While many people are aware of “America’s Choir,” many are also in the dark as to what the Choir is all about. The 360-member, all-volunteer Choir dates back to 1847 and has since performed for numerous U.S. Presidents and World’s Fairs and toured Europe and the Middle East. The world-renowned Choir holds the record for the longest-running broadcast, Music & the Spoken Word, which began in 1929.

Actress Angela Lansbury’s Shining Career

If films like The Manchurian Candidate, Gypsy, or Bedknobs and Broomsticks ring a bell, then the name Angela Lansbury should too. Who could forget the long-running television series, Murder She Wrote, which Lansbury starred in as Jessica Fletcher from 1984-1996? It was one of the most successful shows in history, garnering three Emmy® nominations and two Golden Globes for Outstanding Drama Series. Lansbury holds the record for most Golden Globe nominations (10), and the most Emmy® nominations (12) for the lead actress categories. She won four Golden Globe awards in the Best Actress in a television drama series category.

9 Songs That Will Change Your Mood for the Better

Feeling stressed, anxious, or downright sad? Maybe you haven’t been spending enough time with your headphones on. Did you know that music has been proven to enhance your mood? Researchers at Penn State University conducted a study that showed students who listened to music felt “more joyful, optimistic, friendly, calm and relaxed.”

Free as a Bird: The Mormon Tabernacle Choir's Fine-Feathered Friends

Believe it or not, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir has had its share of fine-feathered guests throughout the years. As a matter of fact, giant birds make excellent conductors. A little bird told us. Here are some instances where the Choir and birds go hand in hand, or hand in wing, like birds of a feather. OK, we'll stop . . . for now.