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August 2017 Articles

Fred Vogler Playing the Audio Console Like an Instrument

Fred Vogler isn’t a name everyone recognizes—unless you are in the business of sound. Vogler, a multi-Grammy Award winner with a long list of credits, and his colleague Bruce Leek, also Grammy-nominated, are contract sound engineers who since 2003 have worked on the Choir’s CDs and DVDs and its much-acclaimed Christmas concert specials. They complement accomplished in-house sound engineers Trent Walker, Chris Martin, Jason Graham, and others, who work week in and week out on the technical elements of the Choir’s signature sound.

The Latin Language Is Alive in Mormon Tabernacle Choir Videos

Have you ever heard someone say, “Latin is a dead language,” but you didn’t really understand why? The reason for this is because it is no longer used as the primary language of a particular community. While Latin may not be the native tongue of any particular community, it is spoken by numerous people around the globe and is gaining in popularity. A WGBH Radio news article states, “Believe it or not, there's a whole living Latin movement—people who are trying to get Latin to be used as a spoken language, not just treating it as a dead language that's on a page, that you might read in a Latin class, but actually a language you can speak conversationally.”

Singing With Angels Movie Now Available for Free Public Showings

Watch The King’s Singers Perform Two Spirituals

The King’s Singers are world famous for their crisp, harmonious vocals and their ability to entertain audiences. They have been repeat guests with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and have performed songs such as “I’m Runnin’ On,” “Down to the River to Pray,” “The Dying Soldier,” “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” “O Holy Night,” “Angels from the Realms of Glory,” “Veni, Veni Emmanuel,” “God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen,” and many more throughout the years.

Christmas Is with the Choir All through the Year

“Keep Christmas with you all through the year” was the refrain from the very popular Choir and Orchestra Christmas concert with the Muppets® from Sesame Street® several years ago. For the Choir organization, whether it is editing last year’s concert for the CD and DVD to be sold in the fall, working on the illustrated book that will share the concert narration with many more than the original live audience, or making plans for the guest artists and the concert program for the coming year, Christmas is part of what goes on all year long.   

A Child’s Prayer Is Answered: Former Cancer Patient Thanks Choir for Strength

The night before the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square performed their final concert in Memphis, Tennessee, in 2007, something truly extraordinary happened—a young girl who was being treated at St. Jude Children’s Hospital for medulloblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer, was given a private surprise concert for one in the hotel lobby by the entire Choir, Orchestra, and guests, who filled the lobby and balcony. Because of the cancer treatment, which made it difficult for her to be in crowds, Chase Burch and her family walked into the hotel thinking they would introduce themselves to a few members of the Choir. What happened next was an amazing experience, never to be forgotten by all in attendance.

Ron Jarrett: Looking Back on 5 Years as Choir President

It is one thing to be a member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and be able to sing each week. It’s another to be the president of the massive 700-plus volunteer musical organization that includes the Choir, Orchestra at Temple Square, Bells on Temple Square, Temple Square Chorale, staff, guest organists, and a large group of volunteers. Ron Jarrett has done both. He is the first Choir president to have been a singing member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir prior to his call as president.

Alex Boyé Talks About Performing African Music in Utah

Alex Boyé is a multitalented performer who was the Choir’s guest artist for the 2017 Pioneer Day concerts in Salt Lake City, Utah. He was born in London, England, to Nigerian parents and moved to Utah in 2000. The move was a big change for Boyé, who previously recorded and toured Europe as boy band member and shared the stage with the likes of NSYNC, the Backstreet Boys, George Michael, and MC Hammer.