Stream the Bells at Temple Square Concert, “Visions of the Season” This Friday.
Enjoy the concert.
The livestream is also available at
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You can watch the Bells at Temple Square concert on demand anytime on the Choir’s YouTube channel.

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October 2020 Articles

How to Use The Tabernacle Choir’s Sacred Music Library

Did you know the Choir has a music archive that lets you find your favorite songs from specific general conferences from 2006 to 2020? Perhaps you heard a song during last October’s general conference that you keep humming but can't quite remember the title. Now you know where to go to find it. Here are some easy steps on how to use the archive.

FAQ: Streaming The Tabernacle Choir Music and Programs

As audiences throughout the world increase their use of digital streaming as a primary way to access music and programming, The Tabernacle Choir is focusing on digital programing to put its music at your fingertips. In addition to our traditional radio and television broadcasts, the Choir’s music and programs are streamed each week on the Choir’s social media channels and website. 

Saying Goodbye to the Best Job in the World

Check the credits at the end of Music & the Spoken Word and for nearly forty years you would see the name Edward Payne.  He isn’t a familiar sight on camera but behind the scenes as executive producer of the broadcast he pulls everything together. And he makes it look easy.