What’s New with The Tabernacle Choir

July 2021 Articles

20th Anniversary Special “Coming Together” on September 11, 2021

It has been twenty years since the devastating tragedies of 9/11 but what continues to give us hope for the future are the compassionate stories of people who came together to help one another. When we remember, it deepens our gratitude for those who willingly chose to raise us up by the sacrifice of their own safety and causes us to forget the things that divide us. It helps us concentrate on the things that connect us and reveals to all of us what we’re actually capable of doing to help one another.

Welcome Back! The Choir’s Return to Temple Square

The Tabernacle Choir organization is thrilled to announce the schedule for their return to Temple Square of daily organ recitals, weekly Choir and Bell ensemble rehearsals and Music & the Spoken Word broadcasts. For over 150 years the Salt Lake Tabernacle and since 2000 the Conference Center have been the Temple Square locations for live events for music lovers and visitors from around the world. In March 2020, the pandemic temporarily halted all events on Temple Square and events everywhere in the world. 

Celebrate “America the Beautiful”

What is it that you find most beautiful about your country? For those living in the United States of America, the beauty of nature in one of the most diverse geographical areas of the world is awe-inspiring. From the warm, wet Florida Everglades in the deep south to the lush green rainforests of the Pacific Northwest. From the purple mountains of the Rockies to the amber waves of grain on the Great Plains. From the magnificent red-rock desert canyons of the southwest to the tall, lush forests of the northeast. Within the boundaries of this country, we can find the beauty of the earth in all its majesty. We know that our friends in other countries around the world will have similar feelings about the beauty of their own countries.