What’s New with The Tabernacle Choir

Concerts Cancelled, Auditions Postponed Due to COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to present unique and challenging circumstances for everyone in today’s world—and The Tabernacle Choir organization is no exception. Because of the continuing health challenges involved with live rehearsals and performances, with concern for the welfare of its performers and audiences, and to continue to follow earlier direction provided by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to postpone large public gatherings in areas challenged by COVID-19, the Choir organization announced these adjustments to its schedule:

Remaining 2020 Live Concerts Cancelled

Remembering Sissel’s Stunning Performance of “Slow Down”

When Norwegian-born guest artist Sissel performed “Slow Down” during the 2019 Music for a Summer Evening concerts with The Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square, she brought the concert to a standstill. It happened both nights. 

Sissel began her stunning performance of “Slow Down,” based on Psalm 46:10, “Be still, and know that I am God,” with no introductory comments. When she finished the song, after a brief moment of total silence, the audience of nearly 20,000 immediately jumped to their feet with an emotional and heartfelt standing ovation. As the clapping and cheering subsided, an emotionally moved Sissel said, “Thank you very much! This song, “Slow Down,” describes an experience many of us have—to be able to hear the still voice in our hearts, we have to slow down.” 

Enjoy All 14 of The Choir’s Billboard ® #1 Albums

When The Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square’s released their latest recording When You Believe: A Night at the Movies, it became their 14th album to hit #1 on the Billboard® Classical or Classical Crossover charts! This is a notable achievement for any musical artist and continues the tradition that earned the Choir Billboard’s recognition as the Top Traditional Classical Artist for 2012.

Enjoy All of the Choir and Orchestra’s #1 Billboard® Albums!

Enjoy the Choir’s Past Summer Concerts Now!

Summer concerts are a long-standing tradition for the Choir and Orchestra. The concerts are held annually each July in conjunction with community-wide Pioneer Day celebrations. The Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square today celebrate Music for a Summer Evening concerts with audiences around the world through television, cable television, and now--the world-wide internet. 

Watch these amazing past concerts and broadcasts wherever you are:

How to Join the Celebration of Music & the Spoken Word !

Celebrate the culminating event and legacy of Music & the Spoken Word's 90 years of weekly broadcasts—the longest continuously broadcast weekly program in broadcasting history—with The Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square. 

This special 60-minute broadcast will feature selected Choir and Orchestra repertoire including special performances with Bryn Terfel, Sissel, and Kristin Chenoweth. Interviews with other renowned guest artists who have appeared with the Choir will also be featured. The world-famous Tabernacle organ will also be in the spotlight with a virtual quintet by all five Tabernacle and Temple Square organists. Celebrate the legacy of this historic program which began in the early days of radio in July 1929 and has continued each week for over 90 years.

A Unique Time for a New Organ Tradition

What do you do if you’re the five Tabernacle and Temple Square organists and you find yourself confronted with daily organ performances being suspended on Temple Square? The century-long tradition of daily organ recitals—a beloved tradition for music lovers and visitors to Salt Lake City’s Temple Square—have been on hiatus due to COVID-19 since mid-March. 

Here’s what the Tabernacle and Temple Square organists did: they got together and proposed the start of a new organ tradition—streaming the recitals online but without an audience to keep everyone safe. With this new tradition, they could continue sharing their love of music that inspires and encourages others. 

Watch the Movie that Featured “When You Believe”

The Choir’s hit CD, When You Believe: A Night at the Movies, takes its title from a hit song from The Prince of Egypt.  Watch the movie this Sunday, at 7 p.m. Mountain Time on BYUtv.  This epic adventure that captivated movie audiences the world over focuses on the familiar tale of two brothers—one born of royal blood, one an orphan with a secret past.  As one becomes the ruler of a powerful empire and the other the chosen leader of his people, tensions rise, and their final confrontation will forever change the world.  

The Prince of Egypt airs on BYUtv July 12th at 7 p.m. Mountain Time and When You Believe: A Night at the Movies is streaming now on Spotify and Apple Music, and Amazon Music.

Finding Your Favorite Patriotic Choir Music on YouTube

Everyone has a favorite patriotic song they love.  Since the birth of our country, schools across the nation have taught students music that speaks of love for country and those who serve. Children learn to sing, hum, clap, and even march with pride waving the nation’s flag in their hands as the music begins. 

Independence Day celebrations—like other days of national remembrance—have always included music as part of each program. In July 1776, the first public celebrations of the newly adopted Declaration of Independence included bell ringing and band music.