FAQs: 2019 Christmas Tickets

I need help accessing or setting up a “My Temple Square Tickets” account.  Who do I contact?

For questions about ticket accounts, please email the Ticket Office at ticket-office@ChurchofJesusChrist.org.

How will I know if my online request submission was successful?

Once you’ve filled out completely each box in the registration form (with the same information used for your My Temple Square Tickets account including name, full address, email, and phone number) and  pressed the “Submit” button, the screen will show the message “Success!”  along with a confirmation number.

This message indicates that your request to be included in the random selection process has been successful—not that you have received tickets.  

How will I know if I received tickets to the concert?

  • On or about Monday, November 11, results of the random selection will be communicated to all registrants by an email from no-reply@tabchoir.org, indicating whether you have received tickets or not.
  • For those who receive tickets, they will have been distributed electronically to your “My Temple Square Tickets” account. The email you receive will contain directions to log in to your "My Temple Square Tickets" account and check in "My Ticket Inventory" for your tickets.
  • To review a video with help on using electronic tickets, please click here.  You can print or forward tickets on a computer or mobile device. If you print tickets, each ticket will need to be printed on its own 8½” x 11” piece of paper.

How will I know which concert night I received tickets?

For those receiving tickets, your email will indicate which night your tickets are for—Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. It will contain dreictions to log in to your “My Temple Square Tickets” account where you can view the electronic tickets.

What if I get tickets for a night I can’t attend the concert?

There may be others in your situation. See if you can arrange a trade.  Your electronic tickets can be forwarded to someone else. You could make a gift of them to a special friend or family member. (A gentle reminder that it is against Conference Center Ticket Office policy to sell tickets to Temple Square events.  Doing so can invalidate the tickets.)

Why am I only able to receive two (2) tickets in this random selection process? 

Each year there are thousands of requests for tickets to the Christmas concerts. In order to offer more people the opportunity to receive tickets, the number of tickets per patron was changed to two.

What if I didn’t get tickets to the Christmas concerts? Are there other options available?

If you were not successful with your online ticket request, see below for information about standby seating as well as attending the Sunday December 15 Music & the Spoken Word broadcast, neither of which require tickets. You can go to tabchoir.org/Christmas to read about these and other options to enjoy The Tabernacle Choir this Christmas.

Will there be standby seating?

We encourage patrons without tickets to join the standby line each evening. Many standbys are seated in the Conference Center each year. Each concert night, the standby line forms at the North Gate on Temple Square approximately two hours prior to the concert start time.

To avoid standing out in cold weather, patrons in this line will be seated in the Tabernacle and taken to the Conference Center to fill empty seats as they are available.

Since patrons who have tickets are required to be in their seats 30 minutes prior to the concert, seats that are empty at that time will be filled by those seated in the Tabernacle. The program will be screened live on the big screens in the Tabernacle for those who are not able to be seated in the Conference Center.

Do I need a ticket for the Music & the Spoken Word broadcast on Sunday, December 15, 2019?

No tickets are required for this 30-minute broadcast event in the Conference Center on December 15. Admission is free and limited to those eight years of age and older. Doors will open at 8:30 a.m., and patrons should be in their seats by 9:15 a.m. The broadcast will include music from the concerts.

Special Offers Communicated to Choir Notes Subscribers

For those who didn't receive tickets, don’t give up hope! Subscribers to Choir Notes, the Choir’s weekly newsletter, will receive information about special ticket giveaways through social media. Subscribe and watch for more information in future newsletters.

Please Note:

Tickets not distributed through the Conference Center Ticket Office cannot be guaranteed to be authentic or valid. Buying or selling Christmas concert tickets is not permitted. Tickets obtained via these means can be invalidated.