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Classical Music from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir performs and records with consistency and polish the music of the masters—Mozart, Beethoven, Handel and many others. Such works as “Requiem aetername,” “Hallelujah” and “Let All the Angels of God Worship Him” are favorites of fans and add depth to the Choir’s repertoire.

Featured Classical Choir Music 

Requiem aeternam

Composed in 1791 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, "Requiem aeternam," meaning eternal rest, is one of the most renowned pieces ever written. Composed by Mack Whilberg the Mormon Tabernacle and Orchestra on at Temple Square perform this historic piece for the album, "Mack Wilberg: Requiem and Other Choral Works." You can get the full album here.

"Hallelujah" from "Christ on the Mount of Olives"

Composed by Ludwig van Beethoven in 1807, "Christ on the Mount of Olives" is an oratorio portraying the emotions Jesus Christ went through in the Garden of Gethsemane. The Mormon Tabernacle Choir performed "Hallelujah" on July 15, 2012 during the Music and Spoken Word broadcast.

"Let All the Angels of God Worship Him" from "Messiah"

One of the best known and popular choral works to date, George Fridereic Handel's, "Messiah," astounds those listening to its beauty and elegance. The Mormon Tabernacle Choir performed this piece on January 12, 2014 during the Music & the Spoken Word. The choir is also working on a full album release of "Messiah" for a 2015 release.

What are your favorite Classical songs?

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