“Singing With Angels”—Movie

A fictionalized feature film starring the Choir. Inspired by true events—not a documentary.

Listen to Doug Wright interview choir president Ron Jarrett and film director Brian Brough as they discuss the new movie, Singing With Angels.

Listen to excerpt from “Everyday Lives, Everyday Values.”

“The opening scene alone is worth the price of admission.”- T.C. Christensen (Film Director, Cokeville Miracle)

“Wonderful, uplifting story... Singing with Angels focuses on one woman's experience of the everyday and of the extreme. As the story unfolds, circumstances continue to thread the Mormon Tabernacle Choir into the pattern of her life... I felt awash in a spiritual experience.”- Jared Brown, LSI (Living Scriptures Inc.)

“A beautiful story, with beautiful music, that brings family together.”- Patrice Heaps

Singing with Angels is a new movie (not a documentary) featuring a beautiful story of family and love. When Aubrey and her family are faced with a difficult decision, she reflects on how the power of music and her association with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir have strengthened her through life’s challenges.

After seeing the movie, Choir President Ron Jarrett “I am so pleased with how the Choir is portrayed, how the experiences came to life, and how powerful the movie is right through the last moment—truly a magnificent story.” Filmed on location at the Tabernacle on Temple Square and in conjunction with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, the movie is a unique mixture of inspirational stories both true and fictional that show the power of music that unites all. 

See what KSL had to say about the choir pre-screening.

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