Folk Music

Folk Music from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir

Folk music is all about powerful meaningful lyrics with catchy tunes that make you want to get up and dance. Although truly spiritual in meaning, many folk songs have high rhythmic beats that cause the heart to burn with passion. Folk music has the ability to secure the soul in faith. 

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir in 2009 recorded an entire album dedicated to Folk music and in 2012 recorded another album with countless folk songs.

Featured Folk Choir Music


Saints Bound for Heaven

Rock-a My Soul in the Bosom of Abraham

An upbeat fan favorite, "Rock-a My Soul in the Bosom of Abraham" performed by the choir with Alex Boye is a combination for a memorable American folk song.

Old Time Religion

A powerful influential song on black and white gospel spirituals, "Old Time Religion" influences date back to the 1870's. One of the best popularizers of gospel music,Charles Davis Tillman, is credited with the publishing of the song in 1889.

Bound for the Promised Land

A spiritual classic that has been performed by countless artists including the great Johnny Cash.

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