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Berlioz: Requiem (1993)

1993 2-CD set given to members of the Tabernacle Choir in remembrance of their performance at the Grand Teton Music Festival.

  • Language English
  • Media Types CD

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  1. TracksTrack TitleTrack Time
  2. 01 Requiem et kyrie
    Music By
    Hector Berlioz (1803-1869)
    Requiem, Opus 5 (Grande Messe Des Morts)
  3. 02 Dies irae
  4. 03 Quid sum miser
  5. 04 Rex tremendae
  6. 05 Quaerens me
  7. 06 Lacrymosa
  8. 07 Offertorium
  9. 08 Hostias
  10. 09 Sanctus
  11. 10 Agnus Dei
  12. 11 Battle Hymn of the Republic


Based on performances given in Walk Festival Hall, Teton Village, Wyoming on August 20 and 21, 1993.
Grand Teton Music Festival Orchestra, Ling Tung, Music Director & Conductor;
Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Jerrold Otley, musical director;
Robert Breault, tenor