Come to Him This Holy Night: Three Irish Christmas Traditions Book (2022)

Three Irish holiday traditions which can make our Christmas more meaningful are shared by acclaimed film and television actor Neal McDonough in this one-of-a-kind giftbook.  One tradition reminds that the holidays are for renewing relationships, reconciling differences and returning kindnesses.  A second, placing a lighted candle in the window – a reminder that long ago the Holy Family sought shelter but found no room at the inn – has become a symbol of openheartedness, signaling to others that they are welcome within. In Ireland, Christmas is ushered in by adorning the house with holly, the third tradition. But a simple wreath of green leaves and red berries is more than a decoration.  It is a symbol of Christ’s suffering for all humankind, and an assurance that because of Him, heartache can give way to hope and peace.  Come to Him This Holy Night is a unique giftbook of story and song that will bring Christmas joy to people everywhere.

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