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Handel: Messiah, oratorio HWV 56 (Complete) (1995)

In this 1995 recording, Sir David Willcocks conducts The Mormon Tabernacle Choir, The NightPro Symphony Orchestra, and soloists Lorna Anderson, Paul Esswood, Neil Mackie, and Stephen Roberts in a complete recording of Handel's enduring masterpiece. This performance was called the "Best [Messiah] Recording of All Time" by Billboard Magazine.

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  • Media Types CD

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  1. TracksTrack TitleTrack Time
  2. 01 Sinfony
  3. 02 Comfort ye my people...Accompagnato (Tenor)
  4. 03 Ev'ry valley shall be exalted...Air (Tenor)
  5. 04 And the glory of the Lord...Chorus
  6. 05 Thus saith the Lord of Hosts...Accompagnato (Bass)
  7. 06 But who may abide...Air (Counter-Tenor)
  8. 07 And He shall purify...Chorus
  9. 08 Behold a virgin...Recitative(Counter-Tenor), *
    *Air (Alto) & Chorus
  10. 09 For behold, darkness shall cover...Accompagnato*
  11. 10 The people that walked...Air (Bass)
  12. 11 For unto us a Child is born...Chorus
  13. 12 Pastoral Symphony
  14. 13 There were shepherds...Recitative & Accompagnato*
  15. 14 Glory to God in the highest...Chorus
  16. 15 Rejoice greatly...Air (Soprano)
  17. 16 Then shall the eyes of the blind...Recitative*
  18. 17 He shall feed His flock...Air (Alto)
  19. 18 His yoke is easy...Chorus
  20. 19 Behold the Lamb of God...Chorus
  21. 20 He was despised...Air (Counter-Tenor)
  22. 21 Surely, He hath borne...Chorus
  23. 22 And with His stripes...Chorus
  24. 23 All we like sheep...Chorus
  25. 24 All they that see Him...Accompagnato (Tenor)
  26. 25 He trusted in God...Chorus
  27. 26 Thy rebuke hath broken His heart...Accompagnato*
    *& Air (Tenor)
  28. 27 Lift up your heads...Chorus
  29. 28 Unto which of the angels...Recitative (Tenor)
  30. 29 Let all the angels of God worship Him. Chorus
  31. 30 Thou art gone up on high...Air (Counter-Tenor)
  32. 31 The Lord gave the world...Chorus
  33. 32 How beautiful are the feet...Air (Soprano)
  34. 33 Their sound is gone out...Chorus
  35. 34 Why do the nations so furiously rage...Air (Bass)
  36. 35 Let us break their bonds...Chorus
  37. 36 He that dwelleth in heaven...Recitative & Air*
  38. 37 Hallelujah...Chorus
  39. 38 I know that my Redeemer liveth...Air (Soprano)
  40. 39 Since by man came death...Chorus
  41. 40 Behold, I tell you a mystery...Accompagnato & Air*
  42. 41 Then shall be brought to pass..Air (Counter-Tenor)
  43. 42 O death, where is thy sting...Duet*
    *(Counter-Tenor, Tenor)
  44. 43 But thanks be to God...Chorus
  45. 44 If God be for us who can be against us...Air*
  46. 45 Worthy is the Lamb...Chorus


MTC RECORDS - Nightpro NP-1001

Also available in DVD-Audio (DtsEntertainment - 69286-01073-9-7)

Early release contained bonus CD with the following tracks:
Disk 3
1. Sir David Willcocks greet the choir and orchestra
2. Instructions for the first sections of the night
3. "Organ A" tune up
4. Instructions for a "retake"
5. Sir David's style and humor are evident as he rehearses the choir
6. Continued practice on a very difficult section for the men
7. "Worthy is the Lamb," take one.
8. Working on "Worthy is the Lamb."
9. Preparing for another take.
10. Compliments to the choir for their concentration
11. Preparing for a new section, "For unto us..."
12. Further preparation and rehearsal
13. Sir David on the phone with John Mosely Preparing for a new take
14. "Are you ready, John?" The Hallelujah Chorus