"9/11 | Coming Together" 20th Anniversary Special


Historic Visit to Nauvoo (2002)

  • Language English
  • UPC Code 781570 - 089459, 4515486
  • Media Types DVD; VHS

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  1. TracksTrack TitleTrack Time
  2. 01 Redeemer of Israel 3:58
    Music By
    Freeman Lewis
  3. 02 "Jesus Savior Pilot Me (Under Lloyd Newell)" 1:00
  4. 03 Zion's Walls 1:40
    Music By
    "Revivalist Song Adapted by Aaron Copland"
  5. 04 "Come Follow Me (Under Lloyd Newell)" 0:25
  6. 05 Shall We Gather at the River 4:35
    Music By
    Robert Lowry
  7. 06 This House We Dedicate to Thee 2:24
    Music By
    Frank Asper
  8. 07 "Oh My Father (Under)" 2:55
  9. 08 America the Beautiful 4:45
    Music By
    Samuel Ward
  10. 09 Saints Bound for Heaven 2:41
    Music By
    From Walker's Southern Narmony
  11. 10 We'll Shout and Give Him Glory 3:46
    Music By
    From The Olive Leaf
  12. 11 Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing 5:15
    Music By
    John Wyeth
  13. 12 Come, Come, Ye Saints 4:48
    Music By
    English Folk Tune
  14. 13 I Know that My Redeemer Lives (Under) 1:27
  15. 14 The Spirit of God Like A Fire Is Burning 5:15
    Music By
  16. 15 "Sing We Now at Parting (Under Credit Roll)" 0:45


For more than a century and a half, the city once known as "Navuoo the Beautiful" and its temple lay in ruins. Today, a new temple stands in the restored city of Nauvoo, rebuilt by a generation who hasn't forgotten the sacrifices of its ancestors. Historic Visit to Nauvoo includes songs of praise and patriotism recorded by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir on the steps of the newly dedicated Nauvoo Illinois Temple. Moving commentary by Lloyd Newell, announcer of Music & the Spoken Word, along with interviews with temple craftsmen and construction workers, and a guest performance by Enoch Train provide background and flavor to this historic, unforgettable musical event.