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Let The Mountains Shout For Joy/O My Father (1910)

1910 78 RPM release, recorded for the Columbia Phonograph Company of New York. Featuring Evan Stephens conducting the Tabernacle Choir with Alexander Schreiner, organist.

  • Language English
  • Media Types LP

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  1. TracksTrack TitleTrack Time
  2. 01 Anthem - Let The Mountains Shout For Joy
    Music By
    Evan Stephens
  3. 02 O My Father
    Music By
    James McGranahan
    Lyrics By
    Eliza R. Snow


Recorded September 1, 1910

Columbia Phonograph Company A930 (4880/4884) [78 RPM]

Evan Stephens, Conductor
Alexander Schreiner, Organist