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Memorable Moments from the 1964 World's Fair Tour (1964)

1964 souvenir LP presented to members of the Tabernacle Choir by KSL Radio in appreciation for their long association with the Choir. Commemorating the Choir's appearance at the 1964 New York World's Fair.

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  • Media Types LP

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Not a commercial release.

KSL, Inc. TAD 1916/1917 [LP]
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"This collection of memorable moments has been compiled with the intent of supplementing while not duplicating the recently released album of selections from the World's Fair repertoire. Request to produce and narrate the album was made of M. Gordon J ohnson, (KSL and WRUL - Church owned shortwave station), who traveled with the Choir throughout the tour. Appreciation is expressed to Richard L. Evans, Issac M. Stewart, Ted L. Cannon, Stanford P. Darger, Richard P. Condie, Jay E. Welch and others of the Choir assisting in making this album possible" (back cover).

Contents include interviews with prominent Tabernacle Choir staff, including Richard P. Condie, director; Isaac M. Stewart, President; as well as concert reactions by audience members. This LP features a running narration by KSL staff during each stop on the Choir's 1964 Tour, notes about preparations, concert attendance, publicity, and the overall success of the tour. Woven throughout the narration are live performance clips of the choir, singing their tour repertoire.