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The Lost Chord/Great Is Jehovah (1927)

1927 recordings on the RCA Victor label featuring Edward P. Kimball, Organist playing "The Lost Chord" and Soprano Jesse Williams joining the Choir on "Great is Jehovah." These are the first 'electronic recordings' made of the Tabernacle Choir.

  • Language English
  • Media Types LP

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  1. TracksTrack TitleTrack Time
  2. 01 The Lost Chord
    Music By
    Sir Arthur Sullivan
    Edward P. Kimball, Organ
  3. 02 Great is Jehovah (Die Allmacht)
    Music By
    Franz Schubert
    Soprano: Jesse Williams


Recorded in the Tabernacle in Salt Lake City June 10, 1927.

RCA Victor 35760-A (The Tabernacle Organ) The Lost Chord
Victor 35760-B (Jesse Williams & The Mormon Tabernacle Choir) Great Is Jehovah