Primary Medley (Pioneer Day Concert) - The King's Singers

During the 2016 Pioneer Day Concert, The King's Singers performed a Primary Medley arranged by Ryan Murphy. Songs include "'Give' Said the Little Stream," "Smiles," Popcorn Popping," "My Heavenly Father Loves Me," "He Sent His Son."

The story that led to the King’s Singers performance of this is touching. Jeffrey Martin, arts manager at Brigham Young University, relates the story of his young son’s sudden passing and how the King’s Singers became involved:

“My five-year-old son, Jack, passed away suddenly due to an aneurism in January 2015. Jack was a true angel in our family—a lively, healthy boy. He was a twin, and the loss was very extremely unexpected. We love and miss him dearly. At the funeral, my ward choir (which I conduct) sang the LDS Primary song “He Sent His Son.” For some reason I had been inspired to include this particular song in our ward’s Christmas program during sacrament meeting just a few weeks prior to Jack’s death, so the song was ready to go for the funeral. It was a beautiful addition to the funeral services.

Approximately one month following Jack’s funeral, I brought the King’s Singers to Brigham Young University for a pair of sold-out performances. Their kindness and generosity sparked an idea in my mind—I quickly decided to bring them back to BYU and scheduled dates for one year later. I asked them if they’d mind if I asked my longtime friend Ryan Murphy (associate music director for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir) to make an arrangement of LDS Primary songs for them to premiere at the BYU concert, with “He Sent His Son” as the centerpiece of the medley. They agreed, and they subsequently performed the piece at BYU in February 2016. It was a very special moment for our family and a true delight for the audience. We’re so glad people can enjoy these songs in this way.”

The Pioneer Day concert gave the King’s Singers the opportunity to perform this meaningful medley to an even larger audience. Concert attendees, Choir members, and online viewers raved about the arrangement and performance.

Pioneer Day Concert 2016