September 26, 2021 - #4802 Music & the Spoken Word

The Music & the Spoken Word broadcast airs live via TV, radio, and internet stream on Sunday at 9:30 a.m. mountain time. For information on other airtimes, visit “Airing Schedules” at

This encore performance of Music & the Spoken Word has been specially selected for airing while the Choir and Orchestra are practicing social distancing. It contains a new Spoken Word written and delivered by Lloyd Newell.


Conductor: Mack Wilberg and Ryan Murphy
Organist: Brian Mathias
Announcer: Lloyd Newell

“When in Our Music God Is Glorified”
Music: English melody
Lyrics: Fred Pratt Green
Arrangement: Emily Crocker

“Consider the Lilies of the Field”
Music and Lyrics: Roger Hoffman
Arrangement: A. Laurence Lyon

“Finale Jubilante” (organ solo)
Music: Healey Willan

“Down to the River to Pray”
Music and Lyrics: American folk hymn
Arrangement: Mack Wilberg

“On a Clear Day” from On a Clear Day, You Can See Forever
Music: Burton Lane
Lyrics: Alan Jay Lerner
Arrangement: Arthur Harris

“On Great Lone Hills”
Music: Jean Sibelius
Lyrics: Amy Sherman Bridgman
Arrangement: H. Alexander Mathews 

  1. On the CD Called to Serve.
  2. On the CD Teach Me to Walk in the Light.
  3. On the CD Tree of Life.
  4. On the CD Praise to the Man.

The Spoken Word

Light and Truth

Living things need light and food and water. And these aren’t just physical necessities—we need spiritual light and nourishment too. Amos was a prophet from the Old Testament who foresaw a time when the world would seem dark, even “in the clear day.”1 He also predicted a future day when there would be “a famine in the land, not a famine of [food], nor a thirst for water, but [a famine] of hearing the words of the Lord.”2

That day, it would seem, is here. Though electrical power lights our homes and cities, making the night almost as bright as the day, too many people feel surrounded by darkness. And even those who have plenty to eat are often starving spiritually.

We all know that the way to chase away darkness is to turn on a light. A smile, a kind word, a simple act of love is often enough to brighten someone’s day. Every time we choose to do the right thing and live with character and integrity, we help make the world a little brighter.

One day while riding a busy subway, a man looked at the people around him. Most were looking at smartphones and tablets, and many seemed burdened. And then he noticed a young woman who had light in her countenance. He saw that she was reading scriptures, and he could not help but notice the soft smile on her face and the peace she seemed to be feeling. She had found light, and it wasn’t coming from an electronic device.

A famine is defined as a scarcity of food. But the famine Amos spoke of is different. There is no scarcity of the word of the Lord. Anyone who wants it can find it. What is scarce, at times, is our willingness to seek Him and hear Him. This kind of famine will end as we pray with sincerity. It will end as we open holy scriptures and feast upon the timeless words of eternal life. And it will end as we humbly listen for the Lord’s still, small voice.

Yes, there will always be darkness and hunger in this world. But there are also light and truth in abundance—glorious light for those who seek it and a feast of truth for those who hunger.

  1. Amos 8:9.
  2. Amos 8:11.