A Lullaby: Catch Up on the New Single from The Tabernacle Choir

Did you miss it? Last month, on July 28, The Tabernacle Choir released a new single that has quickly risen to the top of playlists across streaming platforms. “A Lullaby” by Ryan Murphy captures the essence of peace that lullabies are meant to provide and brings a sense of calm to all those who listen.

Listen to and download it here: https://tabernaclechoir.ffm.to/lullaby.

Lullabies, as most everyone knows, are often associated with children’s bedtime routines and hold a special place in the human experience, transcending generations and cultures. If you have ever rocked a baby to sleep in your arms, you know intimately the quiet calm and solace that a lullaby can have on an anxious heart and mind.

This new piece by The Tabernacle Choir, “A Lullaby,” combines stirring harmonies with the words from the poem “A Lullaby” by Eugene Field. Connecting with song lyrics has a way of deepening the connection to a piece of music. The words to “A Lullaby” are so meaningful and hold such emotion that we invite you to read them here.

The stars are twinkling in the skies,The earth is lost in slumbers deep;So hush, my sweet, and close thine eyes,And let me lull thy soul to sleep.Compose thy dimpled hands to rest,And like a little birdling lieSecure within thy cozy nestUpon my loving mother breast,And slumber to my lullaby,So hushaby, hushaby,Hush my sweet and close thine eyes,And slumber to my lullaby,So hushaby, O hushaby.The moon is singing to a starThe little song I sing to you;The father sun has strayed afar,As baby’s sire is straying too.And so the loving mother moonSings to the little star on high;And as she sings, her gentle tuneIs borne to me, and thus I croonFor thee, my sweet, that lullabyOf hushaby, hushaby,Hush my sweet and close thine eyes,And slumber to my lullaby,So hushaby, O hushaby.There is a little one asleepThat does not hear his mother’s song;But angel watchers—as I weep—Surround his grave the night-tide long.And as I sing, my sweet, to you,Oh, would the lullaby I sing—The same sweet lullaby he knewWhile slumb’ring on this bosom too—Were borne to him on angel’s wing!So hushaby, hushaby,Lullaby, Lullaby, Lullaby,So hushaby, So hushaby,Lullaby, Hushaby.

Although a lullaby is most traditionally a bedtime hymn, the universal message of this song speaks solace and reassurance to people at any hour of the day. In a world where stress and anxiety can easily consume us, the song serves as a gentle reminder that moments of peace and tranquility are within reach.

Watch the music video of A Lullaby here: