“Bring Him Home,” A Universal Prayer of Hope

Two people praying together

“Bring Him Home” is a song from the popular Broadway musical a Les Misérables, which is performed by the main character, Jean Valjean. In the musical, Valjean pleads to God to preserve the life of another man. The television show 20/20 did a video interview on the writing of “Bring Him Home” in which the narrator said, “One of the most emotionally powerful moments in the show is a prayer Vajean sings offering his life to God in exchange for the younger man’s life.”

The song has become an anthem for people around the world and helps provide comfort for those in need. Many have adopted the song as a personal prayer for their loved ones who serve in the armed forces, missions, or are otherwise apart from their families.

In a November 2003 talk, President Thomas S. Monson, of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints titled his sermon, Bring Him Home and quoted lyrics from the Broadway musical. He likened the song to reaching out to those in need of help and saving souls, saying, “And within our hearts we will recognize His unspoken plea: Bring him home.”

Alfie Boe, who also portrayed Jean Valjean in the Queen’s Theater in London, England, was the Choir’s guest performer for the Christmas concert in 2012. Below is Boe’s heartwarming video of “Bring Him Home.”