Lloyd D. Newell, Voice of Music & the Spoken Word Announces Mission Call and Conclusion to Choir Service

Prior to the broadcast of Music & the Spoken Word on Sunday, December 10, Newell announced to the members of The Tabernacle Choir that he and his wife, Karmel, have received a calling to preside over a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The location of their missionary calling is still to be announced but it will begin in July 2024, and Newell will continue to work with the Choir until they depart.

Mission presidents for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are assigned to a specific geographic area and are responsible for supervising and training hundreds of missionaries during their service. Most mission presidents and their wives serve for a period of three years.

“I cannot express whan an honor it has been to serve the past 34 years as announcer and writer of Music & the Spoken Word ,” said Newell. “Our call will allow Karmel and I to welcome a new service opportunity. Until then, we will continue to enjoy every week with the remarkable Choir.”

In the 95-year history of The Tabernacle Choir, only three people have served as the principal announcer for the Choir and Music & the Spoken Word . Beginning in 1930, Richard L. Evans became the program’s first regular host. Evans held this role until his death in 1971, when he was succeeded by J. Spencer Kinard. Since 1991, Lloyd D. Newell has hosted the program.

“We are delighted for Lloyd and Karmel, yet we understand the challenge associated with replacing this icon in religious broadcasting,” said Choir President, Michael O. Leavitt. “Lloyd is trusted and admired by millions who have become accustomed to his soothing wisdom on Sunday mornings. We will savor the remaining months of Lloyd’s weekly presence.”

The Tabernacle Choir’s weekly broadcast of Music & the Spoken Word is the world’s longest continuous weekly network broadcast. Since 1929, Music & the Spoken Word has provided messages of hope and comfort through unifying music each week.