New Single Release with The Piano Guys - Tuya es La Gloria

The Tabernacle Choir has once again partnered with The Piano Guys to create a beautiful and unique version of a new single—“Tuya es la gloria,” or in English “To Thee Be the Glory.” “Tuya es la gloria” is a breathtaking piece of music that is truly unique, especially when performed by The Tabernacle Choir and The Piano Guys.

Recently the Choir has collaborated with The Piano Guys on a number of musical singles that have had much success over the past few months, including “Wayfaring Stranger,” “The Mission/How Great Thou Art,” and “Waterfall.”

“Tuya es la gloria” itself is a heartfelt and moving rendition of a timeless classic, showcasing the exceptional musicality of both groups. The Choir’s rich voices blend seamlessly with the expressive piano and cello performances of The Piano Guys, creating a sonic masterpiece that is both emotionally stirring and spiritually uplifting.

Earlier this summer, while on tour to Mexico, the Choir performed “Tuya es la gloria” and received a wonderful reception to the song. While preparing for the tour to Mexico and this latest single release, the Choir worked exceptionally hard to ensure that their pronunciation of the Spanish lyrics was appropriate and clear. As always, their dedication to the music and their craft has resulted in a beautiful piece of music that will be cherished by audiences for years to come.

With many lyrics sung in Spanish, “Tuya es la gloria” is one of the few songs currently in the Choir’s repertoire that is crafted specifically for an international audience. The traditional Latin American hymn was arranged by Choir director Mack Wilberg and features a blend of Spanish and English lyrics.

Some of the lyrics in the piece read as follows:

Tuya es la gloria, la honra tambien, tuya para siempre, amen, amen.
Tuyos los dominios, los tronos tambien, tuyos para siempre, amen, amen.

The English translation of these lyrics is as follows:

Yours is the glory and honor too, yours forever, amen, amen.
Yours domains, also thrones, yours forever, amen, amen.

At its core, “Tuya es la gloria” is more than just a single; it’s a testament to the timeless power of music to connect people.

Watch the music video of Tuya es La Gloria here:

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