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Listening to or watching The Tabernacle Choir is always a wonderful experience, but there is something particularly special about seeing the Choir perform live, in-person.

Check out the list below to learn more about the Choir’s upcoming events and concerts. And remember to check back regularly as we often have new performances and calendar updates to share.

Most choir performances are held at either the Tabernacle on Temple Square or the Conference Center. Tickets are generally complimentary, but are required. Admission is typically open to all those 8 years old and older.

Please view each event below to see the details about each specific event. We hope to see you soon!
Various people perform as part of the 2022 Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concerts.
The daily organ recitals, a century-long tradition, are open to the public. Thirty-minute organ recitals are given each day by Tabernacle and Temple Square organists and guest organists.
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