World Tour 2024

Following a successful tour to Mexico City in 2023, the Choir is looking forward to a new stop on their world tour in 2024. The Choir plans to travel to the Philippines from February 20 through February 29, 2024, as part of their world tour “Hope.” This will be the Choir’s first trip to the Philippines — an area often called “Asia’s pearl” because of its rich culture and scenic landscapes.

The concerts will feature the Choir and guest artists from Philippines performing a repertoire that reflects, in part, the musicality of the country. Filipinos are a nation of singing people whose choral tradition started in its indigenous origins and has continued until today. Internationally, the Philippines has one of the highest viewerships of Music & the Spoken Word.

Over the next four years, the Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square will conduct a world tour with stops around the globe and a message of hope. The Choir’s first stop was in Mexico City, in June of 2023. While there, the Choir performed two concerts at the National Auditorium.

As part of this world tour, the Choir will travel more frequently but for a shorter amount of time. This is a new pattern for the Choir, which historically has traveled every two years. The goal is for the Choir to be more visible globally and to reach as many people as possible with its music.

Choir president Michael O. Leavitt says: “Our goal is to magnify the Choir’s impact throughout the world by helping people feel God’s love for His children. Our performances will be free. Many will be live streamed so local congregations in the regions we visit can invite their friends and communities to participate.”

More information about the Philippines tour and tickets will be released soon.