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The Choir's 2022 Christmas concert, the first public-ticketed Christmas concert since 2019.

Looking Forward with Anticipation to 2023!

Join The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square for a wonderful year ahead as new programs, events, and music releases are announced! The Choir eagerly anticipates many new and continuing opportunities coming during this 2023 year. Check out what happened in 2022 and what the Choir anticipates ahead in 2023.

2022: Although the year began with the challenge of a brief pause for live performances for The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square, it was also an amazing year with encouraging and hopeful “firsts” for the Choir.

In spite of the paused start, the Choir’s vast archive of recorded work enabled it to air specially chosen encore broadcasts of Music & the Spoken Word each weekeach with a new Spoken Word inserted especially for that broadcast. Happily, starting with the March 6, 2022 broadcast, live performances of Music & the Spoken Word were again possible.

Some of the encouraging “Choir firsts” from 2022:

  • The first live broadcast of Music & the Spoken Word since March 2020 with a public audience on March 20.
  • The first live summer event since 2019, “Love Thy Neighbor” on July 15-16 with tickets available for the public.
  • The first Music & Spoken Word Special with featured guests The Piano Guys, and a public audience (no tickets were required) on August 28.
  • The first Christmas concerts with tickets available for the public since 2019 on December 15-17. The Tabernacle Choir, Orchestra, and Bells at Temple Square all performed with Lea Salonga and Sir David Suchet.

2023: Look what the Choir anticipates!

The Choir looks for even greater growth for its music streaming in the coming year. During this past year, the Choir’s streaming audience steadily increased significantly:

  • The Choir enjoyed a 91% increase in total music streams.
  • The Choir’s YouTube channel gained over 82,800 new channel subscribers this year and total views (11.1 million) and total watch time hours (761,000 hours) were up 73% and 65% respectively during the month of December.

The Choir is adding three new pilot programs. As announced last November by the Choir Presidency, in 2023 the Choir will add three new pilot programs to its planning.

  • New versions of Music & the Spoken Word in Spanish and Portuguese will be added which would include native speakers presenting the Spoken Word and translated text on the screen.
  • The Choir will begin traveling again with travel assignments which would be shorter and more frequent with smaller and more nimble touring companies in countries outside of the United States.
  • A pilot program to invite qualified Church members from other countries to sing with the Choir during General Conferences.

Watch for more news about the pilot programs to be announced throughout this coming year!