The Tabernacle Choir Blog

Day 3 Indianapolis

Elizabeth Marsh
Principal Cellist - Orchestra at Temple Square

My husband and I are in Indianapolis for the first time. We’ve been delighted to discover a city full of friendly people, quiet streets, interesting memorials, and pleasant running trails through beautiful parks.

The last time the Mormon Tabernacle Choir performed here, my grandparents were not yet born. Now, 112 years later, the world, the Choir, and Indianapolis are all a lot different.

This particular trip is different for me too. I've been on tour with the Choir three times before, but flying, bussing, rehearsing, performing, and juggling luggage are all a little trickier when you're nearly six months pregnant. It has been really special, though. I’ve felt the baby kicking during certain songs, and tonight was no different. During the second half of the concert, my tummy was bumping against the back of my cello nearly every time there was even a hint of crescendo.

At dinner with the Choir and Orchestra tonight, we found out that one of the couples with us is celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. The entire Choir sang “It’s a Grand Night for Singing” to serenade them. The song is about young love, but it’s just as fitting for tried, true, lifelong love. Later tonight, we performed the same song for 15,000 people. My husband and I will also be celebrating six months of being married at the end of next week. As we played the song, “Sunrise, Sunset,” my eyes filled with tears. I thought of our wedding day and the incredible love we felt for each other and from so many friends and family.

At intermission, I was surprised to see my first piano teacher in the audience! She is from Indianapolis and also has another good friend in the Choir. It also was a thrill to sit right under the baton of Governor Mike Pence, who guest-conducted our encore, “This Land Is Your Land.” He did an excellent job and even wore a snazzy tuxedo for the occasion.

On the bus back to our hotel, 50 members of the Choir sang another special song, “Happy Birthday,” to my husband. What a perfect stay we’ve had in Indianapolis! And to my husband: Happy birthday!