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200 Million YouTube Views…and Counting

Thanks to your unending support, the Choir’s YouTube channel is rapidly snowballing!  We are now at 200,000,000 views on the channel!

To prove the snowball effect is real, the first 100 million Youtube views took five years to reach. Two years later, here we are at 200 million. The numbers are one thing, but the effect that the music has on the hearts and minds of people is truly inspiring. The Choir’s mission is to transcend cultural and generational boundaries, and unite people worldwide through music and these numbers are evidence of fulfilling that mission.

The first video on the Choir’s channel to reach 1 million views was “Bring Him Home,” performed by powerhouse tenor Alfie Boe and the Orchestra at Temple Square. It took almost two years to reach that mark. A few months later, the Choir signature song “Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing” reached the same pinnacle. With each new achievement, the Choir took pride in knowing that the music was reaching far beyond the walls of Temple Square and into the homes of people around the world.

The comments that we receive on our videos are priceless. Here are are some of the amazing examples from our viewers:

YouTube Comments

“I am a Muslim and I have to say that this song just speaks to my soul. ALL of us, no matter what faith we ascribe to, tend to wander off the path from time to time. The fact remains that the God that we all worship is so full of mercy and grace that we are never truly alone. It is so calming and comforting to know that. Assalamu alaikum (peace be upon you).” —emorygal (“Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing”)
“I love this song and I just stumbled on this – The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints isn't popular in Kenya but after looping through more than 5 songs by this choir, I will definitely try understand how they worship because this is my vision of what heaven would sound like. I love this” —Nyawira Gathigia (“Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing”)
“Although, I am a Salvationist (Salvation Army) I enjoy very much the ministry of music from your church, always receiving a blessing. Beautiful Easter presentation.” —Fred Veysey (2019 Live Easter Concert: He Is Risen)
“One word: ANGELIC.” —Etuate Fonua (It Is Well with My Soul - arr. Mack Wilberg)
“I really love this Choir and its singers. Despite our different beliefs they reflect the God spirit that is present in us all.” —Brian Murphy (Battle Hymn of the Republic)


The Choir has amassed thousands of videos ranging from sacred hymns to popular music, to behind the scenes of the Tabernacle attic, guest artist visits, and so much more.

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Thanks again for 200 million views. Let’s keep the snowball rolling!