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7 Signs That You Might Be Obsessed with The Choir's YouTube Channel

There are bad obsessions and there are good obsessions—if you constantly find yourself glued to your phone watching the Mormon Tabernacle Choir’s YouTube channel…that would be a good obsession. To help you figure out if you’re beyond a cure, here are 7 telltale signs that you might be obsessed with our videos. See where you rank below:

Sign #1 – You found your mom’s collection of antique bells and tried to film your own rendition of “Flight of the Bumblebee,” in hopes of going viral.

Sign #2 - You’d rather watch Santino Fontana and the Choir sing the “Happy” Medley than watch Pharrell Williams original.

Sign #3 – When it’s time to leave work, you think to yourself, “I know I should go home but I’m right in the middle of watching David Archuleta’s Christmas special for the 10th time this month…home can wait.”

Sign #4 – You’ve watched “Elements” by Lindsey Stirling so many times at full volume, your neighbors think you’ve taken up the violin.

Sign #5 – You’ve learned all the choreography, clapping, chanting and drumming for “Betelehemu.”

Sign #6 – You hurt your voice trying to hit the high note at the end of “The Battle of Jericho”

Sign #7 – You’ve made “Hot Pipes” your ringtone.