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A New Look! Choir Launches New Web Home Page

Bold. Simple. Up-to-date. The Choir’s new home page at gives fans and friends a quick glance at what is happening, when and where as well as swift access to the latest videos, Music & the Spoken Word programs, media and more.

Two new additions at the top of the page—“Subscribe” and “Donate” —encourage those viewing the page to become part of the Choir family.  “Subscribe” is for the newsletter,Choir Notes, which you are currently viewing.  Recommend the newsletter to your friends and point out that subscribing is easy. Just click, enter your email address, and you’re subscribed.

“Donate” allows those who appreciate the Choir, its influence and inspiration, to render support with a contribution.  Take the gift of Georgia Mustonen as an example.  Georgia died at age 100; she had joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints when she was 77 years old.  She was a singer, trained and sought after for church choirs in the many places across the country where she had lived.  She never sang with the Choir but was an ardent fan. At her death, she left a sizeable sum to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir which had contributed to “great joy and satisfaction” in her life.

You can click on “Donate,” enter your donation amount and payment information, and you’re done.  To make your donation fit your budget, you can make a recurring monthly donation—even a small amount adds up over the year.  And here’s a nice touch:  you can make your donation in honor of someone—maybe your music teacher who instilled in you a love of music, or your mother who made you practice! If you choose, a letter will be sent informing your honoree about your gift in their name.  Please keep the Choir in mind with your charitable giving.