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A Father’s Work is Never Done

It has been said that fathers are “most ordinary men turned by love into heroes, adventurers, storytellers and singers of song.” Each father is unique. Yet fathers are all the same when reaching out to their children with love to teach and guide them. It is clear that wise counsel, a worthy example, and empowering love are the building blocks of good fatherhood. Truly a father’s work is never done because it lives on in the lives of his children.

The Tabernacle Choir’s Spoken Word message for Father’s Day, June 19, 2022, includes this thoughtful text about fathers: “Our kind and loving Heavenly Father is the perfect model for fathers. Just think of all the attributes and qualities of our Heavenly Father that are also ideal in earthly fathers: He never stops caring, never stops loving His children, even amid our shortcomings and weaknesses. He guides, protects, and watches over us. He provides for our needs. He sees our potential and helps us grow to achieve it. And He’s always available, through prayer, whenever we need to feel His love and support.

“Of course, no mortal father comes close to that ideal. But there is something sacred, something heavenly, about good fathers, kind and caring fathers, who are doing their best to bless their children with a loving example. They strive to be good, if not perfect; they strive to put family first, not second; they strive to teach their children with compassion, not criticism. There’s a hint of heaven in every honest—if imperfect—attempt.”

Did you know that fathers are honored and celebrated around the world?

A special day each year has been designated in countries everywhere to honor all fathers—though not all countries celebrate it on the same day. On the third Sunday of June, there are 90 countries that celebrate Father's Day at the same time—such as the United States, Afghanistan, Belize, Canada, Chile, China, Greece, Kenya, Kuwait, Ukraine, United Kingdom, and Zimbabwe—plus 20 additional countries that celebrate on other days in June. Click here to learn about specific dates for Father’s Days celebrated each year in countries everywhere in the world.

Plan this year, wherever you are, on your special Father’s Day, to express your gratitude to your father or SOMEONE who has “fathered” you, to let him know how much you appreciate the years of loving prayers, service, wisdom, grace, and strength on your behalf.

Enjoy “A Child’s Prayer” as you ponder your Heavenly Father’s presence in your life.

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