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Alex Boyé on the Testimony-Building Song “I Want Jesus to Walk with Me” 

Alex Boyé has been performing the spiritual “I Want Jesus to Walk with Me” since the early days of his membership in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, which lasted from 2007-2014.

In an interview with the Choir, Boyé discussed sharing his testimony with his seven-year-old daughter through the song saying, “I don’t think daughter’s ever heard that from me, and that was really important. She told me afterwards, that that was her favorite song, I thought it was going to be the Moana one, because she loves that song.” His daughter was very moved by the performance and said “I felt something daddy,” recalled Boyé.

The song “I Want Jesus to Walk with Me” is a traditional African-American spiritual that reminds us that no matter the situation, we can find refuge with the Lord. The a cappella rendition performed by Boyé and the Choir is beautifully arranged by Moses Hogan.

Boyé revealed “Singing ‘I Want Jesus to Walk with Me’ is an experience that never gets old. And for me it’s more than just singing and making sure I get the words right and getting the song done. For me it’s a testimony—my goal, at least for me is to tell people that I have a testimony of Jesus Christ, I know that He lives, I know that He’s played a huge role in my life, and He continues to. It drains me whenever I sing that song because I picture me walking along the beach, and I'm walking along with the Savior, and He is holding me, holding my hand.  And we're walking and we are discussing my life experiences, where I've been, all my mistakes, where I can go, all the forgiveness that He's given me.  And that whole experience, I hope to transfer that to people that they replace me, with themselves, having that same conversation and experience. And that's always been my prayer every time I sing that song.

Watch Alex Boyé and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir perform “I Want Jesus to Walk with Me”