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Alex Boyé Video Features the Bells on Temple Square 

Alex Boyé’s music videos are usually full of characters, and his latest is no exception. His video for “Celebrate” is packed with guests including the Bells on Temple Square.

In the opening shot of the video, men in suits wearing Panda Bear heads are seen exiting a graffitied bus—As it turns out, they were the men of the Bells on Temple Square. The conductor of the Bells, LeAnna Willmore, even joined in the fun and can be see conducting the Bells in some of the video.

The video also features mascots from Brigham Young University and the University of Utah, Salt Lake Bees, Utah Falconz, Utah Grizzlies, as well as numerous dancers and musicians.

In the description of his video for "Celebrate" Boyé noted: "Recently, I saw an interview where a reporter was interviewing a man & his young son that was displaced in Hurricane Harvey. When asked how he was doing, he replied 'I've lost everything, but at least I'm still breathing' Wow! I was so struck and moved by his incredible perspective during time of great suffering & loss. Even though this song was written months before the hurricane, the mans comment was literally a line in my song, word for word, and made the song even more real and personal to me."

In July 2017, Boyé saved the day when he stepped up to fill in for Christopher Jackson, who had to cancel his Pioneer Day concert appearance due to unforeseen scheduling conflicts in July. During the concert Boyé performed songs from Moana, The Lion King, Nat King Cole, and more. Watch the concert: