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Celebrate the True Spirit of Pioneer Day with These 5 Songs

Every year on July 24, Utahns gather in celebration to commemorate the arrival of Mormon pioneers, who settled in the Salt Lake Valley on that date in 1847. Celebrations include the Days of ’47 Parade, flag ceremonies, Handcart Days, dances, hikes, fireworks, and concerts.

While Pioneer Day is a chance to enjoy these various family activities, it is also a chance to reflect on the sacrifices made by those who migrated from the Midwest to the Salt Lake Valley.

During the 2017 Pioneer Day concert with Alex Boyé, announcer Lloyd Newell reflected on these sacrifices, saying, “So many of the blessings we enjoy today are not really of our own doing; rather, they are gifts from those who, with faith, crossed oceans and prairies, planted fields, and built cities and pursued dreams and discoveries. Our souls are expanded as we reflect with gratitude on those who struggled to build a better life for those they loved and for generations to come. And our hearts are enlarged as we remember the joy our forefathers found in their journeys, often through something as simple as joining in song at the end of a long day.”

Here are five videos from The Tabernacle Choir’s YouTube channel to help you appreciate the true spirit of Pioneer Day: