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Celebrating the Organ and Organists: “Organ Fest X”

As musical instruments, organs have had a place in music repertoires for centuries. Mozart referred to the organ as “the king of instruments.” Beethoven, after commenting on the power of this instrument, said “I should place an organist who is master of his instrument at the very head of all virtuosi.”

Come celebrate both “king of instruments”— the organ, and the talented “masters of the organ”—our talented organists at “Organ Fest X” at The Cathedral of the Madeleine at 331 E. South Temple in Salt Lake City on Friday, October 20 at 8:00 p.m. 

This event is a free gift to the community from Classical 89, The Cathedral of the Madeleine, and the talented organists. Organ Fest, now in its tenth year, features all five organists from the Salt Lake Tabernacle, as well as Gabriele Terrone, the organist at The Cathedral of the Madeleine.

For every year since 2008, the five organists from the Tabernacle have included the same five individuals: Clay Christiansen, Richard Elliott, Bonnie Goodliffe, Linda Margetts, and Andrew Unsworth. With anticipated retirements in the Tabernacle organ staff during the coming year, this will be the final year to feature this particular group of performers, and the programming and commentary will reflect the special sentiments of the occasion.

On-street parking is permitted on the streets near the cathedral as indicated on parking signs. A limited amount of parking is also located in the upper cathedral lot on the corner of First Avenue and “B” Street. There are a few disability spaces right behind the cathedral.