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Choir and Orchestra Perform in Historic Nuremberg Germany

Another concert, another round of standing ovations and encores! The second concert stop of the tour was at Meistersingerhalle in Nuremberg, Germany—a place that played an important role during the Nazi Germany era. Nazi party conventions, which were known as the Nuremberg Rallies, took place on these grounds in the late 1920s and 1930s.

Prior to the concert, Choir and Orchestra members explored the large estate by walking, jogging, playing Frisbee, and even taking turns on the playground’s zip line. Walking across the beautiful property at Meistersingerhalle, one might never know the events that once took place there—except for a few photos atop a hill and the Ehrenhalle War Memorial built in 1929, there is virtually no other trace of this period in history on the grounds. 

Ehrenhalle War Memorial. Photo by Choir member Joe Haynie.

This first-ever performance in Nuremberg brings to mind comments made by then-Elder Russell M. Nelson about the impact of Choir tours. In 1991, President Russell M. Nelson, who traveled with the Choir during that tour, said, “How bold and inspired they [the First Presidency and Choir leadership] were to conceive this tour many months—even years—before Europe’s unwelcoming walls began to crumble! He added that the tour was “part of the Lord’s plan to preach the gospel to the people of the world.”

The Choir and Orchestra were not expecting to receive such an overwhelming approval from the audience, but each of the first two concerts surpassed expectations, resulting in several standing ovations and encores. Choir and Orchestra members, along with conductors Mack Wilberg and Ryan Murphy, have been capping off each night by singing “Gott Sei Mit Euch,” which translates to “God Be with You” in German.

Daniel Dzierzon, a 23-year-old who witnessed his first Mormon Tabernacle Choir concert in Nuremberg, said, “It’s just amazing how the Choir gets the feeling into the music—so you can really feel the music, rather than just listen to it.” He added that “The Spirit of God” was his favorite song of the night.