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Choir And Social Media Connecting Successfully To Fans

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir has 360 members.  The Orchestra adds another 150 plus.  But the massive organization can connect with its community one-on-one through social media, explains Heidi Green, social media producer.  “We are establishing places where the Choir and fans can come together, share stories, experiences and access music.  And, it is working.”  Using Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and its own website, the Choir can connect with anyone, anytime, anywhere.  

And it is happening.  Recent additions of Instagram and Pinterest have opened even more options for music, photos, news and updates on the Choir and more opportunities for the Choir to hook up with its fans.

In less than a year, YouTube has received more than 3.8 million views; Facebook has logged 308,000 fans and Twitter 17,100 followers.  Instagram and Pinterest, the newest members of the social media family, are adding followers every day.

How can you connect and join in the dialogue? Just follow these links:

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Twitter @MormonTabChoir
Google+ + Mormon Tabernacle Choir
Instagram @MormonTabChoir
YouTube TheTabernacleChoir