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Choir School Women Take Their First Tabernacle Tour

The audition process for becoming a member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir includes multiple steps, and the final step consists of being invited to participate in a 16-week Choir School. Each year, hopefuls begin the fine-tuning process of twice-a-week Choir School after submitting a voice recording, auditioning in person, and taking a musical skills test. This year, 48 new singers started Choir School after the New Year and got their first taste of what it's like to be a part of the Choir as they were taken on a tour of the Salt Lake Tabernacle.

In this revealing behind-the-scenes video, we follow the Choir School women around as they try to remember locations and directions, find lockers, and learn new processes. Along the way some of the women are even reunited with current Choir member friends. The tour is guided by the Choir’s general manager, Scott Barrick, who says to a passerby, “All energy in the air, right? We have new people tonight!”

As the tour continues through hallways and new rooms, Barrick passes by a newly married husband and wife in the Choir and is met with laughter as he proclaims to the group: “Those people got married in the Choir, so if you’re not married . . .”

Make sure to visit our Choir audition information page so this can be you next year! 

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