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A Day of Rest

Daily Tour Diary 12

By Greg and Liz Marsh

This has been a beautiful Sabbath Day of rest and recovery for the Choir and Orchestra. After four nights of performances in a row, we needed a day off to prepare for our final concert. 

We started off with a late breakfast and a beautiful church meeting at the hotel. The afternoon was spent driving from New York to Boston. We sat on the bus with friends from the cello section and spent most of the trip talking and laughing together. When we arrived at the hotel in Boston, we were greeted by an incredible dinner: whole lobsters, delicious clam chowder, strawberry shortcake, and lots more! A great end to a peaceful day.

As we prepared for the tour this year, we were warned repeatedly that it would be demanding. Choir leaders asked everyone to spend most of the free time resting so we’d have energy to sing and play at our best. As parents of three children under the age of two, that sounded like a great plan to us! Thirteen consecutive nights of uninterrupted sleep and time to rest between concerts? Awesome! As our children have enjoyed two weeks with family, we have taken seriously our charge to sleep.

But we haven’t entirely forgotten how to wake up in the middle of the night: a fire alarm in the hotel woke us all up Friday morning at 3:00. As we all prepare for one last concert tomorrow, we’re hoping for no fire alarms tonight!